We support you so you can relax and focus on your business.In your real estate career you're not selling a product, so the "brand" is secondary to the service that you provide. Since we focus as a company on doing business with those that you already know, it's the bond, more than the brand, that you work to develop. Providing value to the people who are already likely to trust you just cements that bond and as you stay in touch through normal conversations, get-togethers and marketing efforts (which we assist with), you'll find that your brand is really yourself and your reputation.

To help you offer that level of service we offer you support in the following ways:

  • A non-competing Broker in Charge - not chasing their own clients and deals - they're in the office full time to answer your questions and help you work through situations in your business.
  • Marketing Production Assistance - our in-house graphic design staff helps you create the materials you need to market yourself and your listings so you're not slaving away in front of a computer trying to make it yourself. Your time is better spent out with people.
  • Administrative Support - from paperwork to MLS to processing your transactions, our in-house Administrators will help you get your business to completion and leverage your time.